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The mystical marriage that is Christ and the Church is one of the guiding principles of Divine Life New Thought Church. And as within, so without. Therefore, as a physical expression of that mystical marriage, we partner with another who is our complimentary reflection to create a life of oneness. This commitment is at once both solemn and joyous, and of such essence that we celebrate it with a wedding ceremony. However, religious details can become an issue.

Are you a little bit Methodist and the other's a little bit Baptist, so you’re in need of a neutral officiant? Do you not belong to any particular church, but want a ceremony that has a religious or spiritual tone? Are you not religious at all, but still want a ceremony with a bit more dignity and charm than the standard City Hall ceremony?

Rev. Jennifer Keating specializes in "KISS weddings" (Keep It Simple & Small). From simple elopements to small home weddings, there is beauty in simplicity and splendor in smallness. Fees are as low as $100.00 for an elopement ceremony.

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