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Here are some sample ceremonies. For casual purposes, they’re fine as they are. For a more elegant ceremony, elements such as presenting the bride/couple, literary readings, special music, etc., can be added. From secular to spiritual, Rev. Jennifer Keating can structure a ceremony to meet your needs.

Also to be considered is how you want to finalize the ceremony after the pronouncement. Do you prefer the traditional, “You may kiss the bride,” or a more contemporary, “You may celebrate with a kiss”?

Also, if there will be guests, do you want the officiant to present you for the first time as Mr. and Mrs., or will someone do that at a reception later? Even with a KISS (Keep It Simple/Small) wedding, there are details!


While a civil ceremony respects the seriousness of marriage, it is secular in nature, without prayers, scriptures, or any mention of God.


While a religious ceremony needn’t have all the formality of “high church,” it can use prayers, scriptures, and ask the blessing of God to give it a spiritual tone.

Civil Ceremony #!

Civil Ceremony #2

Civil Ceremony #3

Civil Ceremony #4

Religious Ceremony #1

Religious Ceremony #2

Religious Ceremony #3

Religious Ceremony #4

Religious Ceremony #5