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About Rev. Jennifer Keating

My path to ministry has been a bit circuitous. I grew up in mainstream Christianity that involved Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist and Catholic churches, eventually coming to New Thought (Unity, Religious Science, Divine Science, etc.)

Even as a child, I wanted to be a minister. I loved church and Sunday School, but I had a falling out with traditional Christianity as I got older and it seemed to go from "Jesus loves me" to "God will smite thee" in the twinkling of an eye. Where did the love go?! Traditional Christianity can be very dogmatic and literal. I felt called by Spirit to ministry, but not to the Church as I had come to know it. I went through a religious/spiritual "dark night of the soul," coming to find light in the teachings of Charles Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, Emmet Fox, and other New Thought teachers.

During the years of that religious/spiritual quest, I acquired the casual education that comes from the "Seminary of Life," gleaned from various courses, workshops, and any number of books. I also completed the ministerial studies coursework of the College of Divine Metaphysics, being ordained as a Minister of Divine Metaphysics.